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Types of Lead Generation Services.

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Boost your sales outreach and marketing efforts

Our comprehensive suite of services isn’t just intended to help you get leads fast– it’s intended to boost your sales outreach and marketing efforts at every step of the customer journey. Our work goes above and beyond what you can get from other telephone lead generation companies because that’s what it takes to form more productive connections in modern times.

Here at Blayzer, we empower your lead generation marketing efforts in several ways:

Strategic campaign development

List consultation

Lead processing

Results reporting


Phone calling services

List Cleansing

A clean list is a happy list. When you first crack open a fresh list or log into a new data solution, it is easy to see it as an open frontier full of possibilities. That initial excitement usually fades fast after a few phone calls. Whether you’ve been building your CRM database for years or you purchased data from a third party, things occasionally get messy. While there is almost surely gold in those hills, you’re going to have to dig for it.

Step one is getting the bad contacts, closed companies, and Grumpy Guses out of the way. That means contacting every person on the list to clean up the data and pinpoint decision makers. If your list is small, this might seem like a manageable task, but fresh marketing lists are usually big. The more prospects you have, the harder it is to identify which of them are most promising.

If you’re staring down a list of hundreds or even thousands of contacts (and especially if you know how many calls it takes to get someone on the phone these days), you may feel overwhelmed. How is your sales team ever going to get all those calls made on top of everything else they do? Don’t make them do the dirty work… let us do it instead.

As a top lead generation company in St. Louis, Missouri, Blayzer has a team of experts who know what it takes to clean up a contact list. We’ll call through your new list, update your data, and show your sales team where they should start prospecting first. Now you can know exactly where to start digging.

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Cold Calling

There are many ways to connect with new contacts and generate fresh leads for your business, but few are as easy and effective as simply picking up the phone. Unfortunately, creating this personal touch requires more time and resources than must businesses have on hand. Worse still, it’s easy for employees to get demoralized by this work unless they have especially thick skin.

It takes unbreakable confidence and a special set of skills to get good at cold calling. Here at Blayzer, we have a team of seasoned experts who are ready to take on even the most challenging prospect lists. When the DIY approach just doesn’t seem feasible, leave your cold calling to St. Louis-based lead generation specialists who know what it takes to identify qualified prospects, eliminate dead ends, generate new sales leads, and ultimately spark new relationships.

Cold calling campaigns are great for startups, expanding businesses, and other go-to-market strategies. Our team can break the ice and start gathering small business leads– no need to bog down your top salespeople and executives.

Lead Nurturing

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Today’s marketing technology makes it easy to know who is engaging with your brand online. You can see who opens, clicks and shares your marketing emails. Use gateway forms to track content marketing downloads. Website visitor tracking will tell you who is viewing and engaging with your blog. And social media — well, knowing who’s doing what and when is kind of the whole point there, isn’t it?

All of this visibility gives marketers a unique opportunity to make their online tactics more powerful. From there, increase the impact even further with the personal touch of a telephone call. 73% of B2B leads aren’t sales-ready (yet). That doesn’t mean they’ll never buy, just that someone needs to put in the work to pull them down the funnel. That someone might as well be us.

Blayzer’s lead nurturing and calling services add another touch point and create a synergistic effect along with the rest of your online marketing efforts. This gives you more control over the timing, targeting, and framing of the conversation. Now you’re connecting with the prospect on a much deeper level. This approach boosts your overall marketing ROI by converting more of your digital interactions into meaningful, personal, “real” business relationships.

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Appointment Setting

Leads are great, but do you know what sales and support reps appreciate even more? Getting confirmed appointments on their calendar without spending their own time to qualify leads. With an appointment setting call campaign from Blayzer in St. Louis, MO, we will contact leads and customers over the telephone to generate appointments for your sales and account management team. We can set up appointments for phone calls, meetings, site visits, software demonstrations, and much more.

Appointment setting campaigns take a little extra coordination and integration with your calendar solution, but typically produce a higher lead acceptance rate, appointment “stick” rate, lead-to-opportunity ratio, and close rate. This is absolutely the best way to connect with better leads and close more deals while decreasing the burden on your internal team. We’ll tee up a conversation for you so you can knock it out of the park. Set an appointment with one of our lead creation experts, then we’ll set appointments with qualified prospects. Talk about ROI.

Sales and Marketing Support

In the world of phone-based lead generation, all calls are not created equal. Cold calling, lead nurturing, and appointment setting are great ways to feed qualified leads into the upper part of your sales funnel, but that’s typically only the beginning of a much longer, multi-touch sales process. Not every sale is a quick and easy close. Many industries face long sales cycles with exhaustive decision-making and vendor evaluation processes. This is especially true when you’re trying to close a large deal or win business in a competitive space.

Blayzer offers sales and marketing support calling services to help keep your pipeline flowing and convert more leads into customers. We consult with you to identify common touch points within your sales process and take them off your plate so you can stay focused on selling. Once we expedite the chore work, you’ll find that the core work gets a whole lot easier.

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