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How to Grow Revenue Online.

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Want to Grow Revenue Online? Here’s Advice from an Expert.

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Brad Goldenberg, Online Revenue Growth Expert in St. Louis, MO, would be happy to assist you!

For over 20 years business leaders have sought my help to increase their online sales revenue. I work with them at the executive level to understand their immediate sales and marketing goals and their bigger vision for the business. Then my team and I get to work upgrading their web solutions and digital strategy with a proven approach to online revenue growth.

Successfully growing revenue online boils down to two big tasks: improving your processes and raising your marketing ROI. Raising your marketing ROI focuses your strategy and resources on the platforms, campaigns, and content that drive the best results for your business and budget. Once you’ve optimized your processes and marketing, then you can really crank up the heat to propel your business forward and drive profits through the roof!

How to Improve Processes

Improving your processes lowers the cost of doing business and reduces friction in your operations so that you can do more and serve your customers better. The goal is to spend less time working out problems and procedures and more time growing your business.

When companies think of processes they often think of people first and underestimate the role technology plays. They may think “this is how the software works” instead of “how can we make this work better for us”. This can be a costly oversight, especially if the “it” in question is your own website or online store. Modern web, ecommerce, and marketing technology is capable of some pretty incredible things, and we know you are, too. Chances there is a solution out there to fit your needs – or at least the tools to create one. Don’t let software set your limits. Lean on experts to find the way.

How to Raise Marketing ROI

It’s important to work out any kinks in your processes and ecommerce workflow before pushing the pedal to the floor in online marketing because otherwise, you are robbing yourself of your full revenue potential. Once your processes are streamlined and running smoothly, then you can push forward confidently with marketing knowing you’re getting the maximum value possible from your clicks and conversions.

Not just any marketing, though. You need a smart, data-based, results-driven marketing strategy that balances paid budgets with baseline organic growth and brand building. Conditions change frequently and in big ways in the ecommerce world, so continual analysis and reporting on your KPIs is necessary so you can have the feedback needed to make adjustments and keep up with the market.

Resources for Growing Revenue Online

Creating steady and sustained revenue growth and selling more product online requires a strategy that combines the strength of your brand, website, content, and marketing to produce powerful results. Here are some tips and resources from the Blayzer team to help you on your journey.


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